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The Ultimate Guide to a Clean Whirlpool Glass Cooktop

how to clean whirlpool glass cooktop

Glass cooktops have a sleek design and are a powerful and efficient way to cook. However, like any other cooktop, they require a bit of maintenance and regular cleaning. Having a clean Whirlpool glass cooktop is important for two reasons: first, it keeps your cooking area clean and free of debris; secondly, it increases the […]

Self-Cleaning Oven Dangers and How to Clean a Whirlpool Oven Safely

how to clean a Whirlpool oven

Most ovens have stains and spills throughout the year that warrant a thorough cleaning before the holidays or big events. But while the self-clean feature seems like an easy solution, it may do more harm than good. Is it safe to use self-clean oven feature on a Whirlpool oven? Unfortunately, its high heat can cause […]

Dishwasher Smells Bad? How to Clean a Maytag Dishwasher

how to clean a maytag dishwasher

If your dishwasher smells bad, it may be time for a good cleaning! In this guide, we will discuss how to clean a Maytag dishwasher. We will answer the question, “Why does my dishwasher smell bad?”, and provide tips on how to run a clean cycle on your dishwasher and how to remove and clean […]

Why Your Whirlpool Front Load Washer Smells Bad and How to Clean It

how to clean a whirlpool front load washer

Front load washers are designed to use less water and detergent than their top-loading counterparts. Unfortunately, some of their design characteristics can be a recipe for bad smells. We’ll review what creates Whirlpool front load washer smells and how properly cleaning the gasket and washer drum can prevent odors. Washer Maintenance 101: What to Do […]

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Not Drying Well?

samsung dryer leaving clothes wet

Nobody ever enjoys opening up their dryer after a cycle and finding damp clothes. Typically, homeowners think the solution to this problem is running a second cycle, but this shouldn’t be necessary. If you have a Samsung dryer not drying clothes in a single cycle, follow these instructions to fix the problem without the need […]

GE Oven Temperature Not Accurate? Try This…

ge oven temperature not accurate

Feeling as though you’ve lost some of your baking skills as of late? Has your tried and true cake recipe fell flat or is your famous casserole not baked thoroughly come dinner time? Before you panic that you’ve lost your touch, take a deep breath and take a close look at your oven. Is your […]

5 Common Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Runs Loud

refrigerator runs loud

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is running loudly, it can be extremely frustrating. You may feel like you are constantly being disturbed by the noise, and it can be difficult to concentrate or sleep when the fridge is running. In most cases, there is a simple solution to this problem. In this blog post, we will […]

Samsung Dryer Making Noise? This May Be Why…

samsung dryer making noise

Is your Samsung dryer making noise? If your Samsung dryer makes strange noises, it can be frustrating and confusing. You may not know what is causing the noise or how to fix it. This blog post will discuss the most common causes of unusual sounds coming from a Samsung dryer and what each sound could […]

5 Free Things to Do in St. Augustine

free things to do in St. Augustine

Are you finding yourself looking for free things to do in St. Augustine? No need to search much more, we’ve got you covered! From art walks, beach walks, to a stroll through a museum, take a look at our things to do for free near St. Augustine. Free Things To Do in St. Augustine When […]

4 Best Parks in St. Augustine for Outdoor Activities

best parks in St. Augustine for outdoor activities

From miles of coastline to pristine forests, there’s no shortage of parks in our beautiful city. What’s the best park for camping in St. Augustine? Anastasia State Park offers a full-facility campground under the palm trees as well as beach access. Use our list of the best parks in St. Augustine for outdoor activities to […]