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Prep Refrigerator for Vacation Home

How to Prep Refrigerator for Vacation Home: A Fun and Helpful Guide

Ahoy, vacationers! You’ve finally decided to take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You’re all set to leave your beloved vacation home for a while and embark on an adventure. But wait! Have you given your trusty refrigerator the care it needs before you set sail? Fret not, fellow travelers.

Tips and Tricks to Prep Refrigerator for Vacation Home

Are you wondering, “How do I prepare my fridge for a long vacation?” We’re here to help you learn how to prep a refrigerator for a vacation home with a few simple tips and tricks. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

Clean Out the Fridge

First things first – let’s tackle the elephant in the room. If you turn off a refrigerator for 4 months you don’t want to come back to a fridge full of science experiments, do you? Start by removing all perishable items like fruits, veggies, dairy, and meats. Toss anything that’s expired or close to expiring. Remember the saying, “when in doubt, throw it out!”

Leaving Your Fridge On When On Vacation

Scrub Your Refrigerator Down

Next, give your fridge a good ol’ scrub down. Remove any remaining shelves and drawers, and wash them with warm, soapy water. Wipe down the inside of the fridge with a mix of equal parts water and white vinegar. This will help you zap any lingering odors and keep your fridge fresh as a daisy!

Unplug and Defrost

Now, you might be wondering, “Should I leave my fridge running while I’m away?” The answer is a resounding “No!” Unplugging your fridge will save you some serious moolah on energy bills. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to defrost the freezer. Place some towels around the base of the fridge to catch any water from melting ice, and let nature do its thing.

Prop Open Those Doors

Once your fridge is squeaky clean and completely dry, prop open the doors to let some air in. This will prevent any musty smells from developing while you’re away. You can use a small towel or a wooden spoon to keep the doors slightly ajar.

how long a refrigerator can be stored without being used

Leaving Your Fridge On When On Vacation

Deciding whether to leave your fridge on or off while you’re away can be a difficult choice.

When you leave your fridge on, non-perishable items remain fresh, and a stable temperature is maintained. However, there are downsides, such as higher energy bills and the risk of power surges or outages. On the other hand, turning the fridge off saves energy and money, and provides an opportunity to defrost and clean the appliance, versus needlessly running empty refrigerator. The main drawback to this option is the need to remove perishable items beforehand, as well as the potential for musty odors if the fridge isn’t properly prepped.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the length of your absence. For shorter trips, leaving the fridge on might be the most practical choice, while turning it off for longer trips can lead to energy and monetary savings, provided that you properly prepare your fridge. If you’re wondering how long a refrigerator can be stored without being used, we’d recommend a few months, to a year or two at most, as parts can degrade and cause issues like your fridge not getting cold, and your refrigerator making noise.

Pest-Proof Your Kitchen

Before you hit the road, take a moment to pest-proof your kitchen. Seal any open food packages, and store them in airtight containers. Empty the trash and recycling bins, and give the kitchen floor a good sweep. The last thing you want is to come home to a party of ants, mice, or other uninvited guests!

Set a Fresh Stage for Your Return

Before you lock the door and hit the road, why not set the stage for a fresh and welcoming return? Place a new box of baking soda in the fridge and freezer compartments. This will help absorb any lingering odors, keeping the air inside your fridge fresh and clean. When you come back from your travels, you’ll be greeted with a pleasant, odor-free refrigerator, all set to store your groceries and keep your food chilled.

And there you have it, folks! With these simple steps, you’ll be all set to enjoy your vacation, knowing that your fridge is ready and waiting for your return. So, go on, kick up your heels, and have a blast. Your fridge won’t mind, we promise!

Bon voyage, and happy trails! And remember, for any fridge repair issues, CD Appliance is here for you!

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