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samsung dryer making noise

Samsung Dryer Making Noise? This May Be Why…

Is your Samsung dryer making noise? If your Samsung dryer makes strange noises, it can be frustrating and confusing. You may not know what is causing the noise or how to fix it. This blog post will discuss the most common causes of unusual sounds coming from a Samsung dryer and what each sound could indicate.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Making Noise?

If you have a Samsung dryer making noise, several potential causes are. The first step is to identify what type of noise your dryer makes. Is the noise a humming sound, rattling sound, thumping sound, squeaking sound, or grinding sound? Once you have identified the type of noise your dryer makes, read on for more information about potential causes and solutions.

Humming Sound Coming From Dryer

In general, a humming dryer indicates that everything is working properly. The blower motor draws air out of the dryer and generates a humming noise, which should not be considered an indication of trouble. However, if the humming sound is much louder than usual, it may indicate a larger problem.

Dryer Is Rattling While Running

If your dryer is rattling while running, there are a few potential causes. The most common cause of this type of noise is loose change or other small objects that have become lodged in the dryer drum. Simply remove the objects from the drum and restart your dryer to fix this problem.

Another potential cause of a Samsung dryer making noise is loose dryer drum baffles. The baffles are located inside the dryer drum and help to tumble clothing. If the baffles are loose, they will create a rattling noise when the dryer is running. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the baffles.

noisy samsung dryer

Thumping Noise Coming From Dryer

Is your Samsung dryer making a thumping noise? This is most likely due to overloading. Overfilling the dryer with more than one load or several oversized blankets can produce a hefty burden that thumps as it spins. An overloaded dryer also won’t heat up or dry efficiently because airflow will be limited, resulting in loud noises and a dryer taking forever to dry.

Here’s how to avoid a noisy Samsung dryer caused by overloading:

  • Reduce the amount of laundry in each load.
  • Make sure the dryer is only half full to allow for efficient airflow.
  • Dry large items like blankets or comforters one at a time.

Squeaks, Squeals, and Grinding Sounds

If you have a Samsung dryer making noises like squeaking, squealing, or grinding, it may indicate that the drum roller wheels are damaged. The drum roller wheels support the back of the drum as it rotates. Over time, these wheels can become worn down and damage the axles they are mounted on. This will cause squeaking or squealing noise when the dryer is running. If a screeching Samsung dryer is left untreated, this problem can lead to more serious issues such as a broken dryer belt or burned-out motor. You will need to replace the damaged drum roller wheels and axles to fix this problem.

Broken Samsung Dryer Parts that Lead to Loud Noises

If your Samsung dryer making noises continues to be a problem, it may be due to a broken dryer part. Commonly broken dryer parts that can lead to loud noises include the following:

  • Blower wheel
  • Drum support rollers
  • Idler pulley
  • Motor bearings
  • Thrust washer

If you suspect that a broken dryer part is causing the noise, we recommend calling a professional dryer repair technician. Attempting to fix the problem yourself could further damage your dryer. Give the CD Appliance Repair Service professionals a call for your expert dryer repair!

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