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The Ultimate Guide to a Clean Whirlpool Glass Cooktop

how to clean whirlpool glass cooktop

Glass cooktops have a sleek design and are a powerful and efficient way to cook. However, like any other cooktop, they require a bit of maintenance and regular cleaning. Having a clean Whirlpool glass cooktop is important for two reasons: first, it keeps your cooking area clean and free of debris; secondly, it increases the […]

Why Is My GE Range Burner Not Working?

ge gas range burner won't light

A gas stove that won’t light requires some problem-solving, including what to make for dinner. Why is my GE range burner not working? The burner components may be dirty, blocking the flow of gas or preventing the igniter from functioning properly. Our GE profile gas cooktop troubleshooting includes how to clean the burners and pinpoint […]