maytag refrigerator warm but freezer is cold

Why Is My Maytag Refrigerator Warm but Freezer is Cold?

A big dinner party is coming up, and you’re hosting. You’ve prepped your dining room, carefully selected a menu of dishes to prepare, and purchased all of the ingredients. The day has arrived and it’s time to start cooking! You open up your refrigerator to take out your cold ingredients, only to find the interior strangely warm. Confused, you open your freezer to check on your frozen goods, and it is frozen and cold. Why is your Maytag refrigerator warm but freezer is cold?

Troubleshooting Guide:
Maytag Refrigerator Warm but Freezer is Cold

A freezer working but not fridge is quite a confusing and alarming problem, especially right before a big dinner party. This refrigerator problem is rather common and has a variety of solutions: from quick fixes to major repairs. Before calling a professional for a Maytag refrigerator freezer repair, follow along with our troubleshooting guide to find your “refrigerator warm freezer cold” solution.

#1 – Overpacked Freezer

First, let’s take a look at your Maytag Freezer problem. One of the number one causes of a refrigerator warm but freezer is cold is overpacking the freezer. It is tempting to fill your freezer to the brim, but overpacking can cause your Maytag Refrigerator warm but freezer is cold issue. The freezer allows cold air to flow into the refrigerator, helping to regulate its temperature. If the vents between the freezer and refrigerator become restricted or obstructed by a freezer stuffed full, it will cause this odd refrigerator problem.

maytag refrigerator freezer repair

To prevent overpacking a freezer, you’ll want to make sure the freezer has plenty of room to circulate cold air around each shelf, efficiently keeping your goods frozen. Also ensure that your freezer vents do not have any products shoved up against them, possibly restricting the airflow.

#2 – Overstuffed Refrigerator

Next, let’s take a look at your Maytag refrigerator problem. Just as your freezer can easily become overpacked, so can your refrigerator. Overstuffing the refrigerator with too many products can limit airflow and circulation of cold air. The vents between the refrigerator and freezer can become blocked with all of your refrigerated items, further limiting airflow.

To avoid overstuffing your refrigerator, make a habit of removing any old or expired items every week. Check to make sure the vents within the refrigerator are not covered or blocked, and rearrange foods and items so there is plenty of room for cool air to flow around them.

#3- Defrost the Freezer

Many modern refrigerator-freezers include an auto-defrost feature. However, if yours is an older model or does not include an auto-defrost, it may be easy to overlook the accumulation of ice within the freezer.

maytag freezer problem

Each time your freezer door is opened and shut, it draws in moist, warm air. This air is then frozen, causing frost. This frost can accumulate inside of your freezer, causing a variety of issues and icing over the vents within your freezer. Is your Maytag Refrigerator warm but freezer is cold? Your freezer may need to be defrosted.

#4 – Internal Part Failure

The issue of a refrigerator warm but freezer cold can be caused by failure or malfunction of an internal part. Malfunctioning parts involving a Maytag refrigerator freezer problem can include rather simple repairs, like the evaporator fan or compressor fan. Other major components like the thermistor or the compressor can require replacement and repair by a professional Maytag refrigerator repair technician.

If your Maytag freezer working but not fridge continues to be an issue, give CD Appliance Repair a call, or schedule service online today. We guarantee fast, same day 5-star service by one of our appliance repair technicians to get your refrigerator problem a thing of the past.

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