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Why Is My Maytag Refrigerator Warm but Freezer is Cold?

maytag refrigerator warm but freezer is cold

A big dinner party is coming up, and you’re hosting. You’ve prepped your dining room, carefully selected a menu of dishes to prepare, and purchased all of the ingredients. The day has arrived and it’s time to start cooking! You open up your refrigerator to take out your cold ingredients, only to find the interior […]

Why Is My LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working?

lg refrigerator not making ice

Whether you’re loading up a cooler or refreshing a cold beverage, summer’s heat requires ice to cool down. But what do you do if you find your LG refrigerator ice maker not working when you need it most? We’ll discuss likely causes for this common ice maker problem, from temperature to water supply issues, so […]