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dirty samsung water filter

Does Your Samsung Refrigerator Water and Ice Taste Bad? Here’s Why

No one enjoys bad-tasting water and ice from the refrigerator, but what causes these unwelcome surprises? Poor tap water or a dirty ice maker are just some common culprits. We’ll review the most likely reasons your Samsung refrigerator water and ice taste bad and how simple solutions can solve the problem.

Common Causes that Make Samsung Refrigerator Water and Ice Taste Bad

Fortunately, repairs are rarely required when Samsung refrigerator water and ice taste bad. Rather, some routine maintenance and simple fixes can solve the problem and prevent its return.

#1- Problems With Tap Water

Wondering how to fix bad tasting water from refrigerator? You may need to start with your tap water. If certain minerals or contaminants are in your water supply, they can cause a bad odor or taste. Excessive minerals in hard water can have a similar effect. Typically, a standard refrigerator water filter isn’t able to remove all these particles.

Check with your water company to evaluate your water source. Buying a home water filtration system or a water softening kit may improve your water’s quality.

#2- Brand New Refrigerator

A brand new fridge can also be responsible when Samsung refrigerator water tastes bad. Dust and dirt from manufacturing can settle in the water lines, giving dispensed water or ice a bad initial taste. After a new refrigerator is installed, always flush the water lines by dispensing and disposing of the first 5-7 liters of water.

If you think your new refrigerator won’t stay cold, also check the temperature to make sure it’s set at or around 36℉.

samsung refrigerator water and ice taste bad
Photo by DoItYourself

#3- Storing Old Food

Ice and water easily absorb food odor that can change its taste and smell. When Samsung refrigerator ice smells bad, check for spills or open food containers in the fridge or freezer. Remove any open containers or old, unused food. Dispel lingering odor by emptying the freezer and refrigerator and wiping down the interior with a vinegar and baking soda solution.

Repeating this process on a monthly basis can prevent food odor from affecting water and ice

#4- Ice Cubes Have Gone Stale

You may notice your Samsung refrigerator water and ice taste bad if the water dispenser or ice machine isn’t used for a while. Ice can become stale, even developing mold, if allowed to sit for more than a week. Meanwhile, lingering water in the dispenser can also lead to bad smells and tastes if not used regularly. 

After a period of disuse, always flush the dispenser’s water lines. Dispose of any old ice in the ice bin and wash the bin with soap and warm water. If the ice maker won’t be used for over a week, seal ice in zip top bags. Keep the ice maker off until ready to use again.

#5- Need to Replace Water Filter

Over time, a refrigerator water filter will become clogged with the contaminants it screens out. When this happens, particles will remain unfiltered, making Samsung refrigerator water and ice taste bad. To prevent this outcome, it’s recommended that you change a refrigerator water filter every 6 months.

Follow these steps to change a dirty Samsung water filter:

  1. Turn off water supply valve.
  2. Remove old filter by turning counterclockwise.
  3. Insert new filter into compartment and turn clockwise until the lock symbol aligns with the indicator line.
  4. Turn on water supply valve.

#6 Ice Maker Requires Cleaning

A bad odor can result if spilled food particles or mold infiltrate the ice bin or other components. If your ice maker smells like mildew, a good cleaning can remove dirt and dispel odor. 

Here’s how to clean your ice maker:

  1. Turn ice maker off.
  2. Remove ice bin, disposing of any old ice.
  3. Wipe down bin with a clean cloth and warm, soapy water.
  4. Dip a separate cloth in warm soapy water and wipe down ice dispenser opening and other exterior components.
  5. Dry ice maker and ice bin completely.
  6. Reinstall ice bin and turn on ice maker.
samsung refrigerator ice smells bad
Photo by NewAir

If you find that your refrigerator ice maker won’t work or that bad odor lingers, an ice maker repair service may be necessary. Call CD Appliance Repair for fast and reliable service!

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